About Us

+ what we're all about

By helping your customers achieve a healthier or happier lifestyle, you’re devoted to better ways of being. And at Simply Elaborate, we’re devoted to better ways of being seen.

We lean into simple but thoughtful design that gets to the heart of your business vision. Website platforms that become launchpads for your brilliance. Modern online spaces that are crisp, spacious and functional, so they stay out of your way while you do your work with clarity and integrity. And creative brand strategy that blends who you are with what you do and why it matters.

In fact, you might call us minimalists. Because we believe when less is more, every detail counts.

Simply Elaborate exists because we know how many small business owners struggle when it comes to turning their offline passions into an online presence that’s just as stylish as it is purposeful. Luckily, communicating your brand visually—and consistently—is what we’re best at.

We understand that while you want to have your input during the creative process (this is your business baby, after all), you’re past DIY websites. You’re ready to look like a pro and make the money of one, so your dreams can stop hiding behind website shame. And you’re DONE with getting tangled up in code or having glare-offs with your computer screen when you could be doing something better with your time—like helping the people who need you, wrapping up billable projects, or following your wanderlust across the globe.

So that’s what we’re here for. To make it easier for you to put your labour where your love is, easier for you to engage with your maybe-customers in more meaningful ways, and easier for you to turn your world-changing intentions into long-lasting impressions.