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By helping your customers achieve a healthier or happier lifestyle, you’re devoted to better ways of being.

and at Simply Elaborate, we’re devoted to better ways of being seen.

We lean into simple but thoughtful design that gets to the heart of your business vision. Website platforms that become launchpads for your brilliance. Modern online spaces that are crisp, spacious and functional, so they stay out of your way while you do your work with clarity and integrity. And creative brand strategy that blends who you are with what you do and why it matters.

In fact, you might call us minimalists.

because we believe when less is more, every detail counts.

Simply Elaborate exists because we know how many small business owners struggle when it comes to turning their offline passions into an online presence that’s just as stylish as it is purposeful. Luckily, communicating your brand visually—and consistently—is what we’re best at.

We understand that while you want to have your input during the creative process (this is your business baby, after all), you’re past DIY websites. You’re ready to look like a pro and make the money of one, so your dreams can stop hiding behind website shame. And you’re DONE with getting tangled up in code or having glare-offs with your computer screen when you could be doing something better with your time—like helping the people who need you, wrapping up billable projects, or following your wanderlust across the globe.

So that’s what we’re here for.

to make it easier for you to put your labour where your love is, easier for you to engage with your maybe-customers in more meaningful ways, and easier for you to turn your world-changing intentions into long-lasting impressions.

our story

+ history

What started 15 years ago as an attempt to make a Taylor Hanson fan page where like-minded people (read: starry-eyed, overzealous teenage girls) could connect has turned into a lifelong desire to be community-builders.

Because for us, that’s what your website really is.

your very own community.

A cozy nook in the online world that feels warm and inviting, where “your people” can come to hang out with you, learn from you, work with you, and be inspired by you.

Now that we’re past our days idolizing adolescent pop singers (mostly), we work with wellness coaches, therapists, yoga studios, nonprofits, lifestyle bloggers, philanthropic PR companies, and other do-gooders all over the world who want to share their brand story with style and substance.

The best part about working with us? Since we’re more than one, our colourful rainbow of talent lets us collaborate creatively and handle all of your needs under one convenient digi-roof. But because we’re so small and tightly-knit, we’re also nimble, attentive, and at your side from first excited email exchange to it’s-finally-happening! launch.

who we are

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Emilia Farrace


founder + creative director

For this creative dynamo and pixel-pusher extraordinaire, running the show with equal parts determination and style comes naturally. When she founded Simply Elaborate back in 2009, her mission was simple: To create a collective agency fuelled by fresh ideas, a collaborative spirit, and a relationship-building focus.

A genuine triple threat with degrees in Communications, Business Management, and Website Design and Production—Emilia’s wildly talented at helping our clients connect the dots that form their big picture vision. She’s also the Director of Marketing for Scribble Me Silly, a kid-centered organization that uses the medium of art to teach kids essential leadership skills and rebuild their self-esteem while exploring the expansive power of their imaginations.

When she’s not journaling on her porch, hanging out in warrior pose at the yoga studio or rubbing noses with her cat, Emilia’s lending her expertise to the charities that matter most to her.


Natalie Jo Weddings; Scribble Me Silly; Kale By Kaeli; Suntia Smith; That’s My DJ Series; Make Yourself Elaborate Online

Melissa Carter


front end edeveloper

Melissa is a branding and web designer living in Toronto. She started her blog, The White Corner Creative, in April of 2015 after many years of blogging and finally narrowing down her niche and passions. The White Corner Creative is a digital resource dedicated to helping creative entrepreneurs and bloggers build a beautiful online presence.

Melissa studied Communications at The University of Toronto, and graduated with the intention of getting a job at a design agency. After a few interviews and internships, and a lot of thinking, she decided that the 9-5 wasn’t for her. She worked part time while freelancing on the side for a few years, and in 2015 she finally went full time with her design. Now she wakes up every day excited to get to work and is living her dream of setting her own hours and being her own boss.

Melissa eats a lot of chicken fingers, has far too many stuffed owls, and has seen Crazy Stupid Love one too many times. You can usually find her running around town with friends, curled up in bed watching a movie, or in the corner of a cafe glued to her Macbook.


Simply Elaborate Creative Agency; Cilque

Janine Duff



Janine is a highly-caffeinated copywriter who helps big-hearted entrepreneurs drop the jargon and bring their signature style to the page, so they can start attracting their dream clients and turn their passions into profits. She’s also obsessed with new book smell, extra buttery popcorn, and anything Kate Spade.

Ever since winning an essay competition in grade 5 to be Police of Chief for a day, Janine knew she wanted a future in word play. So she got her MA in English and took her mad prose skills to the world of journalism. Since going solo online as a brand storyteller, she’s worked with Canada’s #1 female entrepreneur, the U.K.’s #1 celebrity life coach, and 200+ other coaches and creatives.

She’s been teaming up with Simply Elaborate to give our clients the personality-infused words they need to stand out and make their dent in the Universe.


Suntia Smith; Suntia Weddings; Relationship Rehab; Simply Elaborate Creative; Ashley Milne; Frolic Fair; Mental Toughness Inc.

got a business crush on us?

Don’t keep it a secret! We’re always looking for collaborative spirits who share our ambitions and values to partner up with. So if you’ve got some creativity buried up your sleeves, introduce yourself and send your CV our way. We’ll let you know if we fit together as snuggly as a cowl-neck sweater and leggings. (Brownie points reserved for cat cuddlers and Anthropologie addicts.)

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we care about

With your help, 5% of all our profits are being donated to the organizations below.


And that’s why social responsibility is the warm, gooey center of our business model, helping us to hold all the rest together.


As entrepreneurs, our Pinterest boards are cluttered with motivational quotes about going after what we want. But for some who are less fortunate, it’s not as simple as that. Scribble Me Silly is a Canadian non-profit organization that increases access to creative arts programs for kids and teens who have experienced abuse or neglect. Their passion lies in making a positive impact in our community by offering a safe and nurturing space for self-expression, where kids can simply be kids, learn fundamental leadership skills, and rebuild their self-esteem while exploring the expansive power of their imaginations.


Emilia can still remember her first foster cat, Timmy, who was brimming with hiss and had no trust for humans. But after 3 weeks of patience and persistence, she pet a purr out of him. Two years later, Emilia is still in contact with the family that adopted him. Because she has seen the hours, sweat and heart-wrenching commitment that volunteers pour into The Toronto Cat Rescue, donating to the cause allows Simply Elaborate to be a part of the mission to rescue, nurture, and find loving homes for cats in need.