Balancing Fashion + Computers with EyeBuyDirect

The hardest thing about being an entrepreneur who works from home (at the moment) and co-working spaces, is I’m not always thinking about my appearance, fashion, and daily clothing. I get to have my few key pieces for client meetings and re-work those pieces until I am in desperate need of some upgrades to my wardrobe (like, lately).

Often, I forget about accessories and how important and key they are to completing an outfit.



I just forget. Without the daily routine of getting ready for work outside of the house in the morning, I’m still mastering putting on lipstick everyday even though the only (depending on the day) person who sees it is B or the mailman. I’m getting better though, as I find the days I remember, I’m somehow more productive. Like someone’s watching – and I’ll take it.

One thing I didn’t expect though, is a new entry into my accessory collection that has taken over my look, and I’m loving every moment: My Aurora RFLKT frames from EYEBUYDirect. Seriously, I’m not a huge glasses person: I need them, wear them, but mostly rely on my contact lenses to get me through the day, saving my frames for when I can’t take the glare of the computer screen anymore.


Now, apparently EYEBUYDirect has been around since 2005 but I only recently heard of them when I so kindly received a pair of Shade RFLKT Collection in my VIP Grab Bag from attending the Create + Cultivate conference in January (sidenote: go to this conference!).

I was intrigued at the style of the frames, because with the extremely modern round frames/lenses it seemed way-too-cool for my face (re: above, I’m not the “coolest” when it comes to accessories). When I read that the lenses weren’t just cosmetic, but I was to wear the glasses while working (for hours on end) in front of my computer to see a slight difference in the strain on my eyes – I admit, I kind of got a bit excited.

It was so minimal, but I noticed it. The lenses shaded my eyeballs ever so slightly and I didn’t feel the need to adjust the lighting in my office all the time (or my screen lighting) and I fell so much in love I decided to take the plunge with a full prescription pair of Aurora’s from the EYEBUYDirect RFLKT Collection.

I waited patiently while EYEBUYDirect would send me updates on the status of my new frames every few days (I felt like they were actually making my frames specifically for me from the moment I ordered them) so yes, it did mean I waited a tad bit longer than expected, but their communication was on point I didn’t mind.

Besides, once they finally came, and I opened up my beautifully packaged box, I was sold (again). I ran to the bathroom, threw out those contact lenses and put on my new frames.


I was so hesitant, worried that once again – the more formal circular modern frames would look really dumb on my face – but I squealed in delight when I loved and I mean loved the way they sat on my nose and framed underneath my eyebrows. Thus began my week-of-the-glasses (and subsequent daily use).

I didn’t wear my contacts that week, somehow my makeup felt better on my face – suddenly I was remembering to put on that lipstick from byDanilea daily because it flowed so beautifully with my new frames. I’d done it. I was fashionable.


For those of you who follow me on social media – this is a big deal. I spend most of my days in maxi dresses or yoga pants. I need a stylist every season, and a “Style Tips” app from Barbara Aleks to tell me how to dress like a normal 30 something woman every day. And here, I’d done it. I could wear glasses, feel normal, see my computer screen properly, and accessorize in a way that I wouldn’t forget (or else walk into a door).

Get your own, here.

They offer 15% off for other wishing to be “oh-so-cool”, too. Totally covered by benefits, too. A-mazing.