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With your help, 5% of all our profits are being donated to the organizations below.

We believe that even small businesses have the power to make a big impact.

And that’s why social responsibility is the warm, gooey center of our business model, helping us to hold all the rest together.


As entrepreneurs, our Pinterest boards are cluttered with motivational quotes about going after what we want. But for some who are less fortunate, it’s not as simple as that. Scribble Me Silly is a Canadian non-profit organization that increases access to creative arts programs for kids and teens who have experienced abuse or neglect. Their passion lies in making a positive impact in our communities by offering a safe and nurturing space for self-expression, where kids can simply be kids, learn fundamental leadership skills, and rebuild their self-esteem while exploring the expansive power of their imaginations.


Emilia can still remember her first foster cat, Timmy, who was brimming with hiss and had no trust for humans. But after 3 weeks of patience and persistence, she pet a purr out of him. Two years later, Emilia is still in contact with the family that adopted him. Because she has seen the hours, sweat and heart-wrenching commitment that volunteers pour into The Toronto Cat Rescue, donating to the cause allows Simply Elaborate to be a part of the mission to rescue, nurture, and find loving homes for cats in need.

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