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Business plans scribbled in journals and to-lists tucked in planners are only dreams until you take action. Whether you’re stuck, scattered or stalling, I can help you get moving forward with less confusion and more clarity.

Maybe you started on your business dream but got lost along the way. Maybe you don’t even know where to start. Or maybe you’re simply afraid to start…because what if you fail?

If you’re anything like the rest of us when we started out, you’ve got ideal client avatars coming out the wazoo (should you name her Katie or Lisa?…and how are you supposed to know where she shops?).

You’ve perused Pinterest for brand inspiration, collecting colour palettes, pretty fonts, website layouts…and you STILL have no clue what you’re doing.

You’ve tried figuring out WordPress for yourself by watching a few tech tutorials, but you’re stuck on how to get a newsletter sign-up on your page, or create a functional space where you can proudly “host” your dream clients.

You’re excited about that little voice in your head that’s been telling you you’re meant for bigger things. You DREAM about getting paid to do what you love in a purposeful, true-to-you way. And you’re ready for your someday-business to become the life you’re living…and loving.

The problem is: Overwhelm has got your stopped in your entrepreneurial tracks.


we'll find the solution together


Whether you need a step-by-step plan for going from big idea to strategic plan or you simply want to give your website a revamp without throwing big bucks at an agency, we’ve got you covered.

As a person who currently works outside of the online word the thought of moving to an online business venture was daunting to say the least. Before our phone call I was unsure whether I could do this and what it would even entail. Speaking with Emilia, helped me to see that this was a manageable task and that I, in fact, could do this. She helped me to make an action plan and provided guidance in understandable language.  I am now motivated and inspired to continue with this new venture.

– Keisha Athanas, Lawyer


Strategy Sessions are virtual or in-person one-on-one sessions to talk about all things marketing, branding, tech and websites for your business, or business idea. No question is off-limits.

All you’ve got right now is a bunch of jumbled ideas that aren’t quite fitting together in a way that makes sense. A brilliant idea that’s all dressed up with nowhere to go. Knowledge gaps that have been hastily patched instead of filled.

But really, there’s no reason for you to keep struggling. We’ll show you how to go from business idea to profitable and sustainable brand strategy by mapping out a plan that gives you the clarity, content, processes and action steps you need to put your dream into unstoppable motion.


Sign up for a strategy session

Get a pre-session comprehensive questionnaire to help me understand what you’re hoping to accomplish, define your session goals and become prepared and make the most of your hour.

Book your first one hour session over Skype (or in person if in the GTA).

The Strategy: We divide and conquer the session and dig deep on your goals and questions and rule the 60 minutes.

Get Clear and Calm after the session with a clear direction of your goals (or changing some old ones) and an actionable to-do list (that’ll be fun, promise) to execute the goals we define and your online presence.


We can chat about a variety of items, but usually I can help in the best ways when we chat about the following:

Target Audience and Ideal Client Identification so that you can continue on your way with a clear idea of who you’re selling to.

Detail and Strategize your online marketing for an upcoming event or fundraiser.

Social Media Analysis and branding techniques. We can also go over best practices, times and photography for the best results.

Your current or upcoming website to ensure you’re focusing on the right functional requirements as well as your branding (this is especially great for newbie website DIYers).

Behind the Scenes business practices that will keep you in line with your overall goals, productivity and focus.

how have some clients used this program?

Oh, Gosh – what has it not been used for?  Picking my brain on anything and everything websites (the most it’s used for) and strategies for developing package pricing – cool opt-ins and really focusing on the target of your business (or blog).


We can use this strategy session as a Q&A for anything in the online business realm. Have a website, tech, WordPress or online marketing question? Happy to answer! If you have a specific question you want to discuss, let me know on the questionnaires before our session and I’ll make sure to devote time on that topic.


I’d expect you not just to show up, but to be intentional about it. To throw your heart into it and participate in the process. To keep an open mind…and open ears. To drop “if” and “should” and “can’t” from your vocabulary. To understand that these sessions don’t get you results—it’s what you DO with your new knowledge that gets you results.

If you’re seeking simple strategies that’ll set you apart in your industry, you believe that a cohesive brand is a fundamental building block in your business, and you’re ready to invest in yourself and your business so there’s never another awkward moment when someone asks you: “So what do you do?”…then you’re in the right place.

Following your payment, you’ll be invited to book your session with me, as well as fill out a quick questionnaire that will let me know some more information about what you’d like to chat about. Please make sure you follow the prompts and complete both these elements so ensure our time together is a great success!


Following your payment, you’ll be invited to book your first session with me, as well as fill out a quick questionnaire that will let me know some more information about what you’d like to chat about. Please make sure you follow the prompts and complete both these elements so ensure our time together is a great success!

Subsequent sessions will be arranged at the end of our first session.


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