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We build meaningful online spaces from the heart up that feel fresh, memorable, and inspired by you.

When it comes to translating your offline passions into an online space that’s visually stunning and functionally intuitive, we get all warm and fuzzy inside. There’s nothing that gets us more excited than bringing style to your story, soul to your strategy, clarity to your purpose, and ease to your user experience.

We believe in brands that keep it simple but significant.

Websites that don’t just meet you where you’re at in your business, but support you in where you’re going. Online spaces that feel like home, so they do more than attract your dream customers; they inspire them to click around and hire you without hesitation.

Because when it comes to engaging with potential customers in more meaningful ways, you need a cohesive brand that builds trust and turns connections into conversions, a website that works for your business and reflects who you are, and an online presence that makes the decision for people to work with you a no-brainer. This happens to be what we’re best at.

We help you become more profitable doing what you love by designing websites that take your business vision to the next level. And we do it while staying true to you and your brand values every step of the way.

If you’re looking to change your website layout and become an expert in WordPress, then Simply Elaborate is for you! Emilia was a delight to collaborate with, she was extremely efficient and OVER delivered! We definitely got the feeling that the project was as important to her as it was to us!  As a visual learner, I LOVED the video tutorials! It was a great point of reference when my mind blanked and I didn’t want to search through older e-mails or my notes.

– Kaelan Karjalainen, Real Food for Real Kids


8 weeks | $9,500

A totally tailored-to-you brand and WordPress website with blog that frames your business vision beautifully, so you can start looking like the legit pro you are and make the difference you were always meant to.

what you get:


WordPress install and hosting setup, so you can leave the techy stuff to us and save yourself some forehead-smacking.


Good websites are branded beautiful, great and effective websites have a purpose and strategy behind them. We help define what the goals are for your website in this stage (super intensive, super clarifying).


We develop a cohesively branded business that sets you apart in your industry and is made to last (no quarterly rebrand required), including design for your logo, illustrations and fonts, plus a bonus style guide.


Desktop and mobile-friendly website design PLUS blog design for 5-7 WordPress pages to make sure you’re looking good and working hard across all devices—and your visitors have a seamless user experience.


Custom development and content dropped into your design for 5-7 pages to ensure all of your personalized details come together and your website is ready to flaunt on launch day, glitch-free.


Installation of the must-have plugins for social sharing; security and backups (super important), and Google analytics.


We end off our time together with completely custom-tailored to your website training videos that will easily show you how to update your site moving forward. These will be available to you, forever.  After you’ve watched the videos, we get 30 minutes together for any questions we may have missed in our videos.


30 days of email support – I’m here for you in addition to the lovely training above and training session.

exclusive bonuses

We’ll create promotional materials for our use and yours (we want you to succeed just as much as we want to show off the beautiful work we’ve created together!)

Business Card Design to match your brand style (generic sized or custom)

Lifetime access to Make Yourself Elaborate, the online community all about branding, website & social media while balancing everyday life.

Priority access to additional support and changes in our website design queue -because we like to love up our clients like that.

Undeniable moxie because you’ve finally got a brand and website you’re proud to show off.

you’re likely an ideal match for us if:

You’re on a mission with your business, but feeling fuzzy about how to tie all the flyaway threads together.
Your brand is feeling outdated, out-of-style, or just not you.
You’re attracting priceshoppers, prima donnas or non-committers. You’re ready to connect with those dreamy, heart-thumping clients who can’t hire you fast enough and openly vouch for you.
You understand that consistency creates legitimacy, so if you want people to start trusting you online, you need a cohesive brand that showcases the pro you truly are.
You’re definitely a breath of fresh air in your industry, but you haven’t discovered the elusive “it” that makes you stand out yet.
You’re ready (and willing) to invest in yourself and your business. You’re no hobbyist; you’re the real deal.
You’re attracted to fresh, clean and modern design aesthetics that use simplicity to make every tiny detail resonate.
You believe collaboration and community is where the real magic happens.
You’re ready to hustle, but you need a made-to-last brand that’ll hustle just as hard for you as you do your business.


just need a blog website? we do those too.


3 weeks | $3,797

A bespoke WordPress blog that will showcase your voice in a beautiful and creative way,
so you can share your message with the right eyes and grow your following.


Lifestyle brands who want a brand that’s designed to last, and a blogging platform to share inspiration and knowledge with their followers. *Note: Must have been blogging for at least 6 months and have over 20 posts.


1 | Main Blog Template w/ Sidebar
2 | Single Entry Template w/ Sidebar & Customized Comment Section
3 | Plus we include: categories/links, search function, social media links, pin it button on images, archives, plus share buttons on posts.

You get everything in the Elaborately Custom package (minus the website), but with your choice of 2 EXTRAS: business cards, email signature, letterhead or label/sticker design, print or social media campaigns, newsletter header—because we like to love on our clients like that.

AVAILABILITY: Typically, we book 1-2 months in advance. But if you’ve got a need-it-like-yesterday request, let us know and we’ll try to get bendy for you.


My biggest obstacle was finding a company who was not just about making a profit but would take the time to learn my business, my goals and ultimate create my vision for my online presence. Not many companies care about who you are, or the little things that makes your business but Simply Elaborate did all of that and above. I am so glad I made the call to Canada and my design shero picked up the phone.

– Suntia Smith, Suntia Smith

still got questions? we’ve got answers.

What's the difference between design and development?

If you’re thinking of your website as a digi-home, you’ve got an interior designer and an architect. The design is all about the aesthetic of your home while the development is all about the structure, layout and function of your space. Because we offer both services, we can make sure your website looks beautiful, works hard to get your dream clients in the virtual door, and then makes them excited to stick around. However, we also can offer just one or the other if you’ve already chosen a designer or a developer to work with.

What can custom branding do for me?

A professional looking brand that’s strategic in attracting the right people will give you the power to charge more, grow faster, and become recognized as the expert you are. And at Simply Elaborate, you’re going to get a tailored-to-you branding experience. Not a formula, not a blueprint, not a plain process that gets recycled over and over again. This means your brand will be infused with your personality, your passions and your purpose in a way that’s designed to help you achieve your goals. It’s going to actually feel like you. But more than that, it’ll evolve with you. No more rebranding every couple of months because your website doesn’t feel right for where you’re at anymore. No more wasting money and time on going back and forth with themes, designers or developers. No more underselling yourself or holding back because your website isn’t doing your talents justice.

Is a deposit required for my project?

Our Strategy Sessions are paid in full upfront. Our design projects typically require a 25% deposit upfront and remaining payments are split across deliverable stages. We also offer payment plans because we’re flexible like that. (Cookies in lieu of dollar bills may be negotiated.)

How do you accept payments?

Invoices are sent via Freshbooks, so you can pay with Paypal or credit card. We like to keep things simple.

What's Basecamp?

Basecamp is our online project management tool. Once you’re officially a part of the Simply Elaborate family (aka our lovely client), we’ll set you up with 24/7 access to your project progress. Not only does Basecamp keep us organized by having all of your project files, discussions, emails and to-dos in one place, but it lets you offer input and feedback every step of the way, so we can collaborate (and occasionally send funny cat videos to one another). Your business is important to you, so it’s important to us that you feel like you’re a part of the process.

Why do you build your websites on WordPress?

The beauty of a custom developed WordPress website is: You’ll have the freedom and flexibility to update your own content without tech hassles or waiting around on a developer to make a tweak that only takes 5 minutes (and costs you more money than it should). WordPress is a simple system that even our most technophobic clients have felt confident using, so with a little guidance from us, you’ll be able to have full control over your own website moving forward.

Why do you love working with health, wellness and lifestyle brands?

We love helping the helpers. Our heart bursts for small businesses who are trying to change people’s lives in big ways. So when it comes to following our passions, we’re all about working with entrepreneurs who are following theirs.


The website and brand changed so much from our first meeting.  Emilia was so great at helping me develop exactly what Kale by Kaeli was, from the services offered, my ideal client, and all the branding. I would recommend [Simply Elaborate] to everybody and anybody! I couldn’t have been happier working working with Emilia or the final result of the website!

– Kaeli Bauman, Kale By Kaeli

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