we teach, empower and support DIYers to get started with WordPress,
    seasoned business owners learn and revamp their online presence
    and craft completely custom designed online spaces for anyone in between.



    all you need to brand, build &
    manage your dream website on the cheap

    (no coding required.)

    Choose one of our mobile-friendly WordPress themes that’s exclusively designed for health & lifestyle businesses. Then learn how to brand, customize, and manage your website with the help of our DIY video training library and Facebook support community.

    For a limited time, we’re doing the work for you.

    Grab the pre-launch price and have your website put together by Simply Elaborate.

    “I can’t afford a pro designer yet” is your biggest business buzzkiller right now.

    You’re tired of having fresh ideas with nowhere to serve them up to customers…

    Sick of going overlooked and undervalued while your competitors steal the spotlight, when you’ve got just as much to offer as they do…

    And OVER being stuck in the ultimate catch-22 while procrastination eats away at your potential impact (and profits).

    Maybe one pity party later, you took a hike through ThemeForest…tinkered with a few demos…

    But technophobia got the better of you or WordPress almost convinced you to throw your laptop out the window.

    You know you need to look like a pro online to get taken seriously. But the only ones who seem to have the funds to invest $8k+ in custom design are entrepreneurs who are already six-figures-deep into business.

    The problem is:

    You don’t want to wait to reach your audience and grow your business until you can hire a designer and developer…

    You don’t want to settle for a tacky theme that isn’t as clean, bright and modern as your health & lifestyle brand…

    And you definitely don’t want to waste money on a website template that you have zero clue how to customize or make work for your business.

    will help you look like a pro, even if you’re just starting out or have zero tech skills.

    This website-building course takes you step-by-step through the process of creating a distinct brand from fonts to logos, customizing and optimizing one of our WordPress themes, and updating your new website without a designer or developer on-call.

    Most of the WordPress templates out there are generic, inflexible, and way too confusing to customize.

    Instead of getting an easy-to-manage website that makes you look legit, you find yourself with a hot mess: broken plugins and opt-ins, inconsistent colours and fonts, and wonky mobile views that chase potential customers away.

    We wanted a way to remove the barriers that prevent many website DIYers (like you!) from finishing what they started, and make a pro online presence accessible for beginners and bootstrappers alike.

    So we set out to build brandable, customizable, facepalm-free WordPress templates that make it easy to grow your health & lifestyle business online without tinkering with it for another 6 months.

    Our video training library will shorten your learning curve and give you the guidance you need to launch fast…

    And our supportive Facebook community will help you troubleshoot tech issues along the way, so you don’t hide behind that “Coming Soon” page forever.

    Start with one of our responsive, seo-friendly wordpress themes

    Unlike overused templates that take a one-size-fits-all approach, our clean and minimalistic themes are exclusively designed for wellness & lifestyle brands — with your type of customer in mind.

    Style it with done-for-you brand kits, no design or coding skills required

    Done-for-you brand kits with suggested colour schemes, graphic sets, and customizable text-based logos make it easy for you to create a cohesive brand. Look like a pro, even if you have no tech or design skills.

    Go live in a matter of days instead of waiting on a design team

    Skip the designer wait lines. Our ready-to-customize templates make it easy to build, brand and launch a pro website fast, so customers can start finding YOU instead of you chasing them.

    Setup your website to turn leads into real customers or clients

    From purchasing a domain, to choosing typography and stock photos for your new website, to organizing your content and customizing your theme, we break down every step so it’s fool proof.

    Get troubleshooting & support in our exclusive vip facebook community

    Stuck on one of the training tutorials? Want to get your Qs answered by a designer or developer on the Simply Elaborate team? Get the feedback you need on-demand in our Facebook support community.

    Manage your website frazzle-free, even if you’re not tech savvy

    Our low maintenance templates make it easy to manage your website in a couple of hours a month. You’ll learn how to update content, permalinks and security settings yourself (+ lifetime theme updates.)

    Looking for style-spiration?

    Crisp, clean and cohesive themes styled to suit any health, wellness or lifestyle brand.

    9 video training modules and 3 bonus tutorials to

    Take you from “coming soon” to “we’re live!”

    0 / PRE-UNIT

    Tech Sessions &
    Getting Started

    Getting Started + Setting Up Your Tech Background

    Everyone has a different starting point with their business, especially when it comes to websites. In this pre-unit module, we’ll go through how to get your domain and hosting set up, moving any content over from other current websites you may have set up, and getting all the tech-stuff out of the way.

    Down and dirty with the digital, we’ll also cover:

    • Buying your domain name OR moving your domain from SquareSpace, Wix or WordPress.com
    • Researching and purchasing your hosting
    • Setting up your email address with your hosting company or Google Apps
    • Connecting your domain and hosting account if they’re from two separate companies
    • Backing up your content from SquareSpace, Wix or WordPress.com
    • Installing WordPress

    By the end of the tech sessions, you’re new WordPress website will be installed and set up, your domain purchased along with hosting and your email account will be created through your hosting or Google Apps. Powerhouse.


    • Website Setup Guide
    • Password File Worksheet

    UNIT 1

    Creating Your Brand

    Discovering and Choosing Your Brand Identity

    Your brand is created to speak to your customer when you’re not around to speak for it (aka on your website). Who exactly IS your brand? And how do you really convey what your brand means to your potential customer if you don’t dig in deep and figure out you’re your brand really is?

    In this module, we dig deep into who your customer really is, what they’re looking for and create your brand with either the pre-made branding options created for you by Simply Elaborate, or set you up with your own stylesheet to pop in your fonts and color codes when customizing your theme.

    • Determining Your Ideal Customer
    • Understanding What you Like and Dislike with Other Websites
    • Creating a Mood Board on Pinterest
    • Choosing your Site’s Fonts (from our easy-to-choose options)
    • Choosing your Brand’s Colors (from our pre-made brand colors OR create your own)
    • Choosing and customizing your Pre-made Logo (from our pre-made logo suite or create/upload your own).
    • Putting together your Style Guide

    By the end of the module, you’ll know who your customer is and what branding you’re using to appeal to them. You’ll have a logo, your website’s fonts chosen, and your website’s brand colors ready to be customized into your theme.


    • Ideal Customer Worksheet
    • Website Comparison Worksheet
    • Font Selection Worksheet
    • Pre-Made Brand Selections
    • Pre-Made Logo Suite (Photoshop File, Editable)

    UNIT 2

    Organizing Your Written Content

    It’s all about the Content.

    Beautiful design is one thing, but if your website has no substance, there’s not really a point! Functional websites and great design can only take you so far if you aren’t clear with your messaging.

    In this module, we take you step-by-step into figuring out what you’re selling, for how much and we help you narrow down the systems you need to make your life easier, and your potential client’s user experience seamless. Handy writing prompts included. We help you set up:

    • Home Page
    • About Page
    • Services/Shop Page
    • Contact Page
    • Site Map + Call to Action
    • Systems You Need in Place to Make it Happen

    By the end of the module, you’ll have all your written content ready to go and understand the site map and pages you’ll be making for your new site. When it comes time to create your site – it’ll be easy, peasy.


    • Home Page Content Worksheet
    • Content for Pages Prompts Worksheet
    • Site Map Worksheet
    • Systems worksheet

    UNIT 3

    Prepare & Design
    Your Website

    Creating Your Design Plan

    Taking your brand identity, content and systems – we pull together the layouts of your website and prepare the designs and elements of each of your pages making it super easy to upload and pop in your content to your WordPress theme.

    • Using your Brand Style Guide to Choose Your Website Customizations
    • Choosing your Page Layouts
    • The Best Photography Site for Good Quality Pictures
    • Naming your Image Elements Correctly
    • Optimizing your Graphics and Images

    At the end of this module, you’ll have a handy guide that you’ll have filled in with all your sites’ heading, button and background colors – depending on what theme you’ve chosen and all your site’s photos will be named and optimized – ready for uploading to your new website.


    • Brand Style Guide Worksheet
    • Page Layouts Worksheet

    UNIT 4

    WordPress Made Simple

    Understanding and Exploring WordPress

    For every new experience, there’s a learning curve, and WordPress is no different. Throughout this module, we go through all things WordPress – showing you the capabilities, neat features and functions that WordPress allows.

    • The WordPress Interface
    • Creating and Editing Posts
    • Creating and Editing Pages
    • Widgets + Sidebars
    • Media Library (and all the cool features)
    • Adding New Plugins

    By the end of the module, you should feel ready to tackle WordPress and your new website, understand some of the basic features that WordPress allows and know where everything will be going when we’re updating your custom theme.


    • WordPress Made Simple Guide PDF

    UNIT 5

    Installing & Customizing Your Chosen Theme

    Putting Your Website Together

    Now that we’ve got all the pieces of the puzzle, it’s time to start putting them together and creating your brand-new website! We take everything we’ve curated from the previous modules and start uploading the content and customizing your chosen theme. If you haven’t chosen your desired theme – now’s the time.

    • Choosing your Make Yourself Elaborate Theme
    • Installing your Chosen Theme
    • Customizing your Theme Using your Website Brand Guide
    • Formatting Page Layouts using Short Codes
    • Getting Advanced: Using Paid Plugins to Further Customize your Pages

    We’re almost there. By the end of this module, your website will be filled with your unique content, color choices and imagery.


    • Your Custom WordPress Theme
    • Your Custom WordPress Theme PDF Installation Guide

    UNIT 6

    Systems & Additional Plugins

    Making it All Function.

    Now that your website’s content is all set and raring to go, we go through optimizing the website with additional plugins and making sure the systems you’ve decided on are all set up and in place.

    • Installing and Formatting MailChimp – Free
    • Installing and Setting Up Pop-Up Allay – Free Version
    • Installing and Setting Up Contact Form 7 or WP Forms – Free
    • Installing and Setting Up Instagram Feed – Free

    Following this module, we’re merely putting the finishing touches and finessing your site. Your site will be set up with social sharing, MailChimp, Popup Allay, Instagram and a Contact Form – it’s almost time to launch!


    • Best Plugins for Optimizing Your Website

    UNIT 7

    Backing Up & Securing Your Site

    You’ve Put All this Work into Your Website – it’s Time to Secure it.

    One of the most important things when creating a new website is to make sure you keep it up to date, backed up and secure. This is the last step before launching because before you shout from the roof-tops – you need to make sure your site is protected.

    • What is Malware and How to Protect your Site
    • Must-Have Plugins to Protect Your Site
    • Backing Up Your Site
    • What to do if your Site is Hacked?

    At the end of this module, your site will be protected by some of the best plugins/companies in the business and you’ll feel confident in knowing that you have a backup plan that will be there in worst-case scenarios.


    • What to do if your Site is Hacked Step-By-Step Checklist


    Launch & Going Live

    You’re Ready to Launch – the Cross-Point Checklist!

    Probably the scariest module of them all – making it all live. We know how scary it is to finally push the button and now that we’re finally at this point, we make sure everything about your website has been looked after and you’re ready to launch in a big, elaborate way!

    • Making Your Site Public
    • Updating Permalinks
    • Changing the Site Domain to Public View (if applicable)

    You did it! At the end of the module, your site is now live at the end of this module and we couldn’t be more proud or happier for you. You’ll be ready to start promoting your new website.


    • Pre-Made Instagram Template (Photoshop File, Editable)
    • Launch Caption Swipe File



    I was so hesitant and nervous to see the customization because I’d never had a chance to customize my previous site – but I’m blown away by your templates and how straightforward it all seems to do my own updates and not have to get into code.

    Thank you so much!


    You’re too legit to quit.
    Now get ready to look it…

    for all themes for those who don’t have one set up.

    For a limited time, we’re putting together the themes for you while we finesse the final details of the course. You will get full, lifetime access to the course upon its completion, and immediate entry into the VIP Facebook Group where you can ask questions, comments and any other additional support you may have.


    One Payment of 

    $627 USD

    Choose this option if you have a brand you love and logo to go with it!


    One Payment of 

    $997 USD

    Choose this option if you want a new logo + brand styleguide!


    Three Monthly Payments of 

    $379 USD

    Choose this option if you want a new logo + brand styleguide!


    As this course is still in development, you’ll likely have additional questions and we’re more than happy to answer them for you. Connect via email below or check out the FAQs.

    You Also Get These Additional Bonuses, FREE!

    BONUS 1

    Optimizing Your Site With Google

    Taking it a step further, properly setting up Google Analytics and learning how to analyze what you’re tracking is what you need to be doing to ensure you’re making the most of your new website and business.

    BONUS 2

    Social Media Templates

    Continue to make yourself elaborate in the online world with our customizable social media templates that are built for you, with your ideal customer in mind.

    BONUS 3

    Blogging Schedule + Strategy Templates

    A content plan is one of the first steps in ensuring routine success with your business and blog. It can be daunting to create a content strategy schedule – and we know this – so we’ve created one for you. Easy to print out months ahead of time, fill in and curate your online strategy.

    We’ll Be Here Every Step of the Way

    We know it doesn’t matter how step-by-step you make it – this can still look like a challenge at times. But from the moment you’ve signed up, you’ll be getting guidance and support from the Simply Elaborate team, and like-minded individuals in our safe and encouraging online environment.

    Progress-Based Drip Content

    Online courses can be overwhelming, and our goal is to reduce the that feeling. That’s why we’ve implemented progress-based content drip for the course. This means that every module requires you to complete a certain element or have your stuff ready before you can move on to the next one. It remains self-paced, but structured in a way that encourages you to complete the course and get your website up and running.

    Membership Community

    Your course comes with one-year’s membership to our exclusive Facebook Group that’s meant for students who have questions, need advice or help with their website. There’s no selling allowed so you don’t have to worry about being promoted to all the time. As well, this group is meant for you, the students, and geared toward those who are actively interested in continuous learning online (hence, the one-year membership).

    Monthly Webinars

    As an added bonus, we’ll be hosting a monthly webinar that focuses on a different topic so you can continue to learn and grow your business. These webinars will be recorded and available exclusively for Make Yourself Elaborate students.

    Support Hours with the Team

    Every week, we’ll be available in the community ready to answer questions live for any questions you may have. Tech, Design, Content, Systems – we’ll be there with unscripted, ready-to-answer, smiles on our faces.

    How-To Tech Videos

    Everyone’s starting point is different, and the web is a vast place – so you can be starting from anywhere – but we’ve creating an online video library of tech how-tos that you can easily search, source and watch at your convenience.

    Follow Along Guides in Multiple Format

    Some people are visual, some prefer written. We’ve gotten it all taken care of with your choice of Videos, MP3s, or PDFs to guide you along the way.

    Hi! I’m Emilia.

    Since getting my degree in Website Design and Production, I’ve spent the last 8 years building websites and teaching other entrepreneurs how to bring their vision online.

    My mission is to help the helpers (health & lifestyle entrepreneurs like you!) get their message out into the world in a big way, even if they’re starting small.

    Honestly, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve on a Skype chat with a fresh-faced business owner who had a vision of helping people and really making a difference in the world.

    But their lack of pride in their online presence put their dreams on hold…

    And simply because they felt like they didn’t have the tech savvy or design skills to build their own website…

    Or the big bucks to hire it out.

    The truth is: You deserve to be heard and seen now, not when you have thousands to invest in a custom website.

    You don’t have to be on a designer’s wait list for month, depend on developers whenever you need to make small updates, or go into debt just to build and launch a pro website.

    With the Make Yourself Elaborate health & lifestyle themes, you can stand out online even if you don’t have a lot of time or resources to devote to branding and design.

    And I can show you how in my step-by-step video trainings, and give you a rare level of DIY support in our VIP Facebook community.

    Make Yourself Elaborate online is more than
    “just another WordPress theme”…

    It’s a website-building course and support community.

    Not only do you get everything you need to build, brand and manage your own website…

    You get access to an ever-growing membership hub of tools, resources and tech trainings to help you reach more people and grow your business.

    You can keep waiting to launch your website until…

    • You save up $7-10k to invest in custom web design before raising your prices, attracting your people, and changing the world


    • Your name comes up on that designer’s wait list and they get around to building you a website that could still take months to launch


    • You finally figure out how to customize your own website with all the plugins, widgets, and bells and whistles that you want


    • You eventually find the spare time to build a website that you can be proud to put on your business card and link your social media to


    You can start making your mark
    and the income you deserve — today.


    Working with Emilia and her team was a true pleasure, start to finish. Emilia’s ability to hone in on what makes you YOU, while translating that in a compelling way to the online space is unparalleled. It really feels like my website is an online ‘home’ for my business, in the coziest and most comforting sense.

    I am so inspired to use it as a place to direct potential clients to because I am fully confident in its ability to effectively communicate what it is I do, as well as what is special about my business that draws ideal clients in and weeds the rest out. This intention-filled approach is echoed in the attention to each detail: from how the brand aesthetic is presented, to the user experience, to the ‘story’ of my business and how to tell it best from a marketing perspective.


    You’re too legit to quit.
    Now get ready to look it…

    for all theme for those who don’t have one set up.

    For a limited time, we’re putting together the themes for you while we finesse the final details of the course. You will get full, lifetime access to the course upon its completion, and immediate entry into the VIP Facebook Group where you can ask questions, comments and any other additional support you may have.


    One Payment of 

    $627 USD

    Choose this option if you have a brand you love and logo to go with it!


    One Payment of 

    $997 USD

    Choose this option if you want a new logo + brand styleguide!


    Three Monthly Payments of 

    $379 USD

    Choose this option if you want a new logo + brand styleguide!

    Have More Questions?

    As this course is still in development, you’ll likely have additional questions and we’re more than happy to answer them for you. Connect via email below or check out the FAQs.


    Health & lifestyle entrepreneurs, small business owners and bloggers who want to raise their impact and income, but don’t have the big budget for a custom website yet. More established in business, but want to take back control of your website instead of waiting on designers and developers? This is meant for you, too!

    Using the WordPress framework, we can offer you flexible customizations with simple usability. The learning curve isn’t steep and you can manage your own updates with ZERO coding knowledge. Plus, we can update our themes on our end and provide you with the updated version without charging you additional support fees like bigger template marketplaces do.

    Make Yourself Elaborate Online is more than a WordPress theme. It’s a website-building course and support community. Not only do you get everything you need to build, brand and manage your own website…you get access to an ever-growing hub of tools, resources and tech trainings to help you reach more people and grow your business.

    When you purchase your WordPress theme, you’ll receive a credit pack for a logo. IF you want to use your own logo, you can use the logo credit on one of our bonus PDFs instead. The best part? Your credits won’t expire, so you can hold onto them until we release new trainings, offerings or products in the membership area.

    After you purchase either the theme only or course and theme bundle option, you’ll get instant access to the Make Yourself Elaborate Online membership site where you’ll have a website credit to buy the theme you want. Even if you need more time to decide on a theme or logo, your credits will be available until you want to use them.

    Of course! It’s yours to customize and tweak for as long as you want. If we make any theme updates, you also have lifetime access to them and will receive notification through our mailing list.

    Your theme only or bundle price also includes a one-year membership to the Make Yourself Elaborate Online Community, access to monthly webinars, and weekly live chat support with the Simply Elaborate team.

    You’ll get instant access to the Make Yourself Elaborate Online membership site where you’ll have lifetime access to the downloadable files, graphics and components of your theme. And of course, detailed installation and setup instructions.

    Logos, fonts, colours, images, sidebars, sliders, almost anything! The only thing you can’t customize is the actual layout of the template, so make sure you love it and it fits your business needs before you commit to it. You can also use your own logo or colours if you’ve already got an established brand.

    This is a DIY website-building experience, so it’s mostly self-directed. You’ll be given all the video training, information and resources you need to brand, build, customize and launch your new website.

    There won’t be any 1:1 technical support, but you’ll get direct and ongoing access to me (Emilia) through the Make Yourself Elaborate Facebook Community to troubleshoot your tech issues and answer any Qs. We’ll be hosting a weekly live-chat tech support in the community as well to deal with any issues or questions students may be having.

    If you have a major bug or issue with your theme, our developers can help you at email.

    It means your website will scale to whatever screen your visitors are using, so they’ll have an optimal viewing experience no matter what kind of device they’re browsing your website on.

    Make Yourself Elaborate Online is a self-paced online course. You decide when you start and when you finish. Built-in gamification features make the website-building process fun and give you a high-five every step of the way! You can track your progress, test your understanding with quizzes, and check off key tasks in the right order. This helps you get to the launch finish line without tripping on overwhelm or getting stuck in a slump.

    After you’re in, you’ll get instant access to our online membership site and our VIP Facebook community.

    The content is a blend of videos, how-to guides, resources and worksheets.

    How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like, across any and all devices you own.

    If you purchase a theme by itself, you’ll get all of the information you need to setup and customize it while working within the WordPress framework. If you choose the Course Bundle Option, you’re also going to get access to additional training that’ll help you create your logo and brand from scratch (unless you want to use your current logo or branding), optimize your WordPress website and images, organize your content prior to launch, setup important plugins, do security maintenance to avoid hackers, and use Google Analytics to track and measure your traffic.

    Just your computer, an internet connection, and WordPress. You’ll also need to setup your domain and hosting, but don’t worry – because I walk you through it, one step at a time!

    If you want to customize our premade logos, you’ll need Photoshop. You can sign up for a free 30 day trial. If you want to start building your mailing list, you’ll also learn how to integrate an email provider like Mailchimp to create opt-ins on your website. But again, this is optional.

    Nope! Our themes are totally beginner-friendly, no coding required.

    No, our themes are custom designed and developed specifically for WordPress.org websites. These themes will not work on WordPress.com websites.

    Because you get instant access to the themes and course content, we can’t offer refunds.

    For a limited time, we’re doing the work for you. Grab the pre-launch price and have your website put together by Simply Elaborate.