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Got a website design that’s missing the clean code to go along with it?
We can bring simple functionality to your elaborate artistry.

A website is only as beautiful as its backend functionality. Because if it’s not easy-to-use, you’ll miss out on opportunities when frustrated users click away. Not to mention, you’ll find yourself white-knuckling your mouse, because updating your content will forever feel like a confusing chore.

At Simply Elaborate, we do more than build nice-to-look-at websites.

we build memorable user experiences that are simple for you to fine-tune or realign as your business grows and evolves.

After all, you want your visitors to navigate through your website the way you intended them to. For every page to have a purpose, for every step of getting to know you to be smooth, and for every detail to go noticed.

When you need soulful strategy and intuitive development—minus the intimidation factor and overwhelm—we’re here to partner with you. We’ll take control of your code, so you can take control over your website when it’s back in your hands and ready to share with the world.

here’s how we can make it easier to showcase your brilliance:

1 | Blog Template ($997)
2 | Website & Portfolio Template ($1897)
3 | Communication and Installation ($897) – Ideal for designers who want a developer to see their vision through. We keep open lines of communication, take care of website installation, and test functionality thoroughly to ensure a bump-free launch. So if you want your website to work as good as it looks, talk to us about how we can partner up.
4 | WordPress Site Installation and Client Training (by PDF or phone, custom pricing) – Guidance installing and customizing WordPress themes, widgets and plugins, as well as configuration of hosting and domains, SEO and site mapping. We’ll give you the training and support you need to update and maintain your WordPress website with complete confidence, so you can go from feeling overwhelmed to empowered—and make small tweaks on your own without waiting around for a developer.

AVAILABILITY: Typically, we book 2-3 months in advance. But if you’ve got a need-it-like-yesterday request, let us know and we’ll try to get bendy for you.

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You’ve locked down your domain and dropped your content into a WordPress theme, but your online space is still feeling a little “meh”.  A little all over the place. And you’re feeling a LOT overwhelmed when you think about all the online housecleaning you have to do (and have been putting off for, like, ever).

So instead of proudly inviting visitors to your digi-doorstep, you’re subconsciously shooing them away. Waiting for the day you’ll have the budget to hire your dream designer. And THEN you’ll put yourself out there.

But what if you could have a designer on your team to help you revamp your website in as little as 2 hours? So instead of feeling embarrassed about publicizing your virtual address, you were proud to host those ideal clients and share your expertise and passions with them?

If you’re ready to look like the pro you are and get taken seriously—but you don’t have a big budget to blow—this is for you.


Two 1-on-1 coaching sessions (60 minutes each) with Emilia that encompass a detailed website review, recommendations you can put into action TODAY, and simple steps for making your brand more noticeable and irresistible online without breaking the bank.

You can ask for my help with any two (2) of the following:

Setup of account on Mailchimp or AWeber, so you can start building your money-maker: Your email list
Newsletter integration + custom design so your brand is cohesive across every part of your business
Typography change throughout website (3 fonts max) to get the aesthetic you want
Colour scheme development that ties into your branding
Popup Ally Installation + Customization to grab email addresses before your visitors leave
Branding of an opt-in template to keep your marketing materials visually consistent
Installation of WordPress on your hosting service and/or migrate from to to save you from tech headaches
Creating a backup system to keep your WordPress site secure and protected
Installation of must-have plugins to get your website working as hard for your business as you do
Installation of a WordPress theme + demo content to get your website layout on track
Creating a personalized sitemap and wireframe that creates more engagement and gets your website bookmarked.
Setup of your personalized email, so you can connect your newsletter and website with it, and create your first auto-email
Creating an opt-in space on your website for collecting email addresses and building your list

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