all you need to brand, build & manage your dream website on the cheap

(no coding required.)


Choose one of our mobile-friendly WordPress themes that’s exclusively designed for health & lifestyle businesses. Then learn how to brand, customize, and manage your website with the help of our DIY video training library and Facebook support community.

For a limited time, we’re doing the work for you. Grab the pre-launch price and have your website put together by Simply Elaborate.

“I can’t afford a pro designer yet” is your biggest business buzzkiller right now.


You’re tired of having fresh ideas with nowhere to serve them up to customers…

Sick of going overlooked and undervalued while your competitors steal the spotlight, when you’ve got just as much to offer as they do…

And OVER being stuck in the ultimate catch-22 while procrastination eats away at your potential impact (and profits).

Maybe one pity party later, you took a hike through ThemeForest…tinkered with a few demos…

But technophobia got the better of you or WordPress almost convinced you to throw your laptop out the window.

You know you need to look like a pro online to get taken seriously. But the only ones who seem to have the funds to invest $8k+ in custom design are entrepreneurs who are already six-figures-deep into business.

The problem is:

You don’t want to wait to reach your audience and grow your business until you can hire a designer and developer…

You don’t want to settle for a tacky theme that isn’t as clean, bright and modern as your health & lifestyle brand…

And you definitely don’t want to waste money on a website template that you have zero clue how to customize or make work for your business.

Make Yourself Elaborate Online will help you look like a pro, even if you’re just starting out or have zero tech skills.

This website-building course takes you step-by-step through the process of creating a distinct brand from fonts to logos, customizing and optimizing one of our WordPress themes, and updating your new website without a designer or developer on-call.

Most of the WordPress templates out there are generic, inflexible, and way too confusing to customize.

Instead of getting an easy-to-manage website that makes you look legit, you find yourself with a hot mess: broken plugins and opt-ins, inconsistent colours and fonts, and wonky mobile views that chase potential customers away.

We wanted a way to remove the barriers that prevent many website DIYers (like you!) from finishing what they started, and make a pro online presence accessible for beginners and bootstrappers alike.

So we set out to build brandable, customizable, facepalm-free WordPress templates that make it easy to grow your health & lifestyle business online without tinkering with it for another 6 months.

Our video training library will shorten your learning curve and give you the guidance you need to launch fast…

And our supportive Facebook community will help you troubleshoot tech issues along the way, so you don’t hide behind that “Coming Soon” page forever.

Start with one of our responsive, seo-friendly wordpress themes

Unlike overused templates that take a one-size-fits-all approach, our clean and minimalistic themes are exclusively designed for wellness & lifestyle brands — with your type of customer in mind.

Style it with done-for-you brand kits, no design skills required

Done-for-you brand kits with suggested colour schemes, graphic sets, and customizable text-based logos make it easy for you to create a cohesive brand. Look like a pro, even if you have no tech or design skills.

Go live in a matter of days instead of waiting on a design team

Skip the designer wait lines. Our ready-to-customize templates make it easy to build, brand and launch a pro website fast, so customers can start finding YOU instead of you chasing them.

Setup your website to turn leads into real customers or clients

From purchasing a domain, to choosing typography and stock photos for your new website, to organizing your content and customizing your theme, we break down every step so it’s fool proof.

Get troubleshooting & support in our vip facebook community

Stuck on one of the training tutorials? Want to get your Qs answered by a designer or developer on the Simply Elaborate team? Get the feedback you need on-demand in our Facebook support community.

Manage your website frazzle-free, even if you’re not tech savvy

Our low maintenance templates make it easy to manage your website in a couple of hours a month. You’ll learn how to update content, permalinks and security settings yourself (+ lifetime theme updates.)

Looking for style-spiration?

Crisp, clean and cohesive themes styled to suit any health, wellness or lifestyle brand.