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  • IMG_8849We forget sometimes, that we have the power to be pretty amazing inside of us – without any prodding, practice or support. We already have it. The thing is, without actual encouragement, practice or support – it’ll rarely go anywhere.

    Today, I had the pleasure of meeting with some wonderful young girls and we did a Vision Board event where we really got clear on what it meant to be happy in our own lives. I walked them through thinking and feeling about what seriously made them happy – in their family, friends, school and free time – and some of their answers surprised me quite a lot.

    Are you ready?

    It was helping people.

    Helping people made them happy. What do you want to do when you’re older? This was the question I asked in many different ways – and the answer around the table – was helping people. I want to be an inspiring to people. I want to meet new people and help them. My mom does this. Every time I listened – this was a varying answer.

    It wasn’t having a nice car. It wasn’t having a job with a lot of money. Actually – I was surprised because having material things and having money didn’t enter the equation at all. Nobody wanted that.

    It got me to thinking – when does that change? At some point in our lives, there must be something that happens to make our goals change to having a lot of money, power and success – but what happens if at the tender age of 6 – 12 all we want to do is spend our lives helping people?


    Above, this was the result of the event. Amazing quotes, helping, love, happiness. It warmed my heart. I didn’t need to tell them anything, encourage them to find the emotions behind their happiness – they did it themselves. Love, help, support, inspiration. All I could do was be real with them – and tell them the truth – it was going to go away.

    At some point in their lives, someone – or maybe more than one person – would tell them something was wrong with their dreams, their talents or even themselves – but to just keep knowing what was inside them was true. Being someone who was inspiration, encouraging and strong – because that was what mattered – no matter what.

    I worry though – about the rest of us – if we’d already succumbed to this thought – that maybe others were right – and not our own empowerment – what would happen to our dreams? Can we get it back?

    Answer? Obviously – yes. You can always get it back. You just have to feel it.

    And maybe – just maybe – you can cut out words, images and colours to represent what happiness means and get back to the core feelings you had when you were younger.

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