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running your elaborate business

No (wo)man is an island. It takes a village to raise a child. Jack of all trades, master of none. What do all these catchy little sayings mean? You cannot do everything alone.

You’re in your industry to run your business, not invent all the ways to make running your business easier (unless, actually, that is your business). If you just want to sell what it is you’re selling and have your process be smooth sailing, then you’ll definitely need at least some of the resources below.

A lot of people often ask me what I use to run Simply Elaborate, Make Yourself Elaborate, and still somehow have a social life. Besides our super, amazing, over-the-top fantastic team, we use all these tools to help us stay focused on our goals, projects and achievements. Simply Elaborate does get a small commission if you choose to sign up through these links, but nothing listed here isn’t something we don’t personally use or recommend anyway.





The things I can say about this woman. A fellow Canadian power-house, she’s just amazing when it comes to inspiring people to create their life vision through how the want to feel and not through material things.

Heaven. Also, these funky designs are so helpful in keeping you on track when you’re filling out your weekly journal. A-mazing.

Check out her whole shop, here.


I fell in love with the simplified planners way before they blew up into this astronomical must-have for female entrepreneurs.

They’re beautiful, handy and definitely help to organize your goals, daily to-dos and future goals – helping you stay on track. This one is our favourite, but there are many more in her shop. Dated, so grab yours for 2016 soon.

See the other simplified planners.


The brainstorm goal-setting sections and the undated option for the Passion Planner is what has really drawn me to this neat idea that a young super-busy entrepreneur started a few years ago.  She began offering the planner for free (and still does) on the website and you can get the detailed version right to your door.

It’s pretty awesome, and we personally love the down to the minute agenda options for organizing your day.