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You’ve got your brand, your website designed, it’s finally been launched with WordPress and you’re ready to shout from the rooftops – it’s here: your entrance into the online world.

But a few things are missing: Great plugins that will amp up your online presence without costing you a thing.

Why are some plugins so essential to your online success?

Plugins can actively help your website showcase itself to your viewers in a non-obtrusive way (well, hopefully). The benefit of using trusted plugins with active development is that someone is always working to improve the plugin’s functions and features that may not have much attention paid to them after you’re done with your initial launch with your developer (unless you have a monthly backup support plan where they take care of this for you).

Don’t go overboard.

Plugins are meant to be used to heighten the functionality of your website, not hinder it. Sometimes, a website can get so bloated with additional plugins it may take close to thirty seconds to load on a user’s arrival (a HUGE no-no on the online world).  I’m listing ten plugins in this document, but that doesn’t mean you HAVE to install all of them for your website to work well. In fact, talk this through with your developer just in case one of them conflicts with the work that’s already been done on your website.


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