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Gutenberg, the New WordPress Page Builder

WHAT IS THE NEW WORDPRESS PAGE BUILDER, GUTENBERG? The geniuses behind WordPress have been working hard on a new viable competing page builder to rival competitors like SquareSpace, Wix or Weebly. We prefer self-hosted websites versus managed hosting websites, and welcomed the announcement of a new WordPress page builder. Encouraging ease, the Gutenberg page builder […]


Web Optimization Practices for Your Dream Client

How to Determine the Best Web Optimization Practices for Your Dream Client We hear a lot of noise around what the best practices for web optimization (SEO – Search Engine Optimization) are, and the lists are definitely long, but with the rules always changing, and experts telling you all the differing things you MUST do […]


Google Keyword Planner Tool and How to Use it

One of the best-kept secrets of the web is using the Google Keyword Planner when determining what sorts of keywords you should be using for your blog posts and website content. Using this handy tool can really up level content and get your website in the face of people who should be reading your posts, […]


Optimize Website Images for your Website

You’ve spent so much time working on your website, curating your content and making sure you’ve got all your information ready for people to use – don’t make the mistake of forgetting how to properly showcase and optimize website images for your website.. Here are a few easy (once you get the hang of them) […]


Remembering Where You Started

We forget sometimes, that we have the power to be pretty amazing inside of us – without any prodding, practice or support. We already have it. The thing is, without actual encouragement, practice or support – it’ll rarely go anywhere. Today, I had the pleasure of meeting with some wonderful young girls and we did […]


The Secret to a Great Brand Board for Clients

I love making physical brand boards. One of the first things we do with clients is create the target audience for their brand. To help me get into the mode of their target, I create a physical brand/vision board for THEIR IDEAL CLIENT and NOT for our client. This is key. In this brand board, […]


Brand Inspiration: How to find the right kind.

Sometimes getting inspired for your brand happens really easily to some people – for others, it’s a bit of a challenge. But one thing remains the same – if you’re an entrepreneur or someone who is going through a brand re-do – you’ll need that brand development to come from somewhere and no matter who […]


Trusting the Process and Getting Over Adversity

There are always going to be mistakes and failures in your life and in your business. It’s almost as if this is the only certain in life, in addition to death and taxes. No matter how seamless our processes seem to be or how on top of our game we can feel, there’s going to […]


The Motivator Days

When you’re an entrepreneur and you’re laying down the foundations of your company; emailing, newsletter-ing, transitioning, thinking, changing things, you’re living through days that aren’t filled with client meetings or making new deals and sometimes it can feel like nothing was accomplished. But these are the days where the most important things are accomplished. You’re creating you. […]