Simply Elaborate Web Design


$247 USD

The Christina theme is perfect for businesses and entrepreneurs who want the WOW factor for their website visitors when they land on their homepage. Combined with the features below, Christina was created to allow for people to showcase beautiful images and get the point across – quickly.

Ideal for bakers, salons, coaches, photographers.


responsive layout design

Optimized for all devices. Your website will fit every screen no matter the size or shape, from desktop to tablet and phone.

newsletter signup form

MYE are pre-styled for Mailchimp forms so there is no more messing around with matching colors.

woocommerce compatible

Compatible with the WooCommerce plugin, the perfect fit for building your online store.

widgetized header and footer area

MYE themes have the option to create custom column (1-4) layouts and orientation (horizontal and vertical) for your widgets in the footer. Allowing you to have full control of your sites design.

live customizable colours

Pick from the easy-to-use color picker in the customizer and see a live preview of all the changes you are making. Meaning there is no CSS or coding knowledge required.

custom font options

Pre-selected font pairings that work with every theme, so you don’t have to spend hours searching through millions of font options

sticky menu

Visitors have easy access to menu wherever you are on the page because your menu stays at the top of the page

custom slider and captions

Get your visitors attention with custom slider with 2 title areas and a call to action button for each slide.

seo friendly

Boost your search rankings with MYE themes that are created with SEO in mind.

multiple layout options

Choose how you want your content to be arranged on the page, which side you want the sidebar on or if you don’t want it all.

custom 404 text

Sometimes people get lost on your site, give them a friendly reminder of how to get back to the good stuff.

custom logo

Merge you website with your brand, get started right away by uploading your business’ logo or simply typing in the name.