I know meditation and manifesting and visualizing your goals is one of the ways to make sure you’re always on top of them. But if you’re not paying attention to your goals on a daily basis, it’s easy to forget about them and think of the 100562 other things you need to finish before Friday. Meditation is sometimes the last thing to go out of my day – a really bad habit of mine – especially considering my most powerful and successful days are the ones that have started with a meditation!


My biggest fear with meditation is time. I couldn’t seem to find a meditation file that was simple, to the point and less than five minutes. I have a problem with time and thinking I don’t have any so the thought of sitting through a 15 minute meditation would make my skin crawl. Solution? Make my own that is literally less than 4 minutes. Share it with the world.

I wanted to ensure that every day, there was a focus on the specific goals of THAT day to help make sure that actionable steps were being taken to the overall weekly, monthly and yearly goals. Sometimes, thinking too much ahead, and too much at the bigger picture makes us forget about the present moment and the steps required right now to make that happen.

Close your eyes.

take a few breaths in and out.

Get in the moment.

Be here.

Start Your Day Meditation




Another thing I noticed is the lack of attention we pay to the end of our days. Let’s celebrate our successes – and you know what? Making it through another day is a success! I wanted to create another quick, cool-down meditation for the end of the day (whatever time that is for you) that focused on letting go of any stress that you encountered throughout the day, and acknowledge your successes.

Preparing for the next day is another way to get that head start. It will allow your morning meditation to go smoother, because you’ve already thought about your goals the night before. Any additional time spent focusing on your goals is a plus, trust me. In less than four minutes, get ready to say goodbye to the workday with strength and determination.

End Your Day Meditation