Are your ready to build skills + strategies for being an effective ally in fighting racism and supporting racial healing?

self-compassion for racial healing

We (MeLisa + nisha) created our Racial Equity + Racial Healing framework, to get to the depth, maintain the realness, bring the honesty, AND hold it all within the cradle of spirit, compassion, authenticity, and the possibility for sustainable transformation.

is this how you're feeling? 👇🏼

  • Overwhelmed by information overload on fighting racism and supporting anti-racism initiatives?
  • Have you been on the exhaustive journey of navigating the seen and unseen impacts of race and racism?
  • Are you needing support with working with intense and complex emotions that are blocking you from taking action to fight racism and support positive change?
  • Are you looking for more support with learning how to authentically build sustainable and healthy inter-racial and cross-racial relationships in your family, work, and social life?
  • Not sure or feeling stuck in how to be an effective and sustainable ally?
  • Are you frustrated, confused, and overwhelmed by social media and all of the different ways that people are talking about race, racism, anti-black racism, and "whiteness"/white privilege/white supremacy but still are not sure how to talk about it, fully relate to it, or understand it in your own daily life?
  • Are you looking for holistic and practical tools for assessing your own body, speech, mind, and actions around these topics and practical ways of talking to family, friends, and even strangers about race, racism, white privilege, anti-black racism, and related structures?

We get it.

How can people want to jump into solidarity and unity without knowing how to go deeper within their minds and hearts to understand more about how they are or have been a part of replicating and/or perpetuating these painful structures?

Why do conversations about Unity often feel incomplete, where often people are still feeling deep disconnection and exclusion because of racial differences and hierarchies?

How can I combine Racial Healing and Racial Equity and make them more sustainable in my life?


Transform and heal your personal and professional relationships in order to reflect your personal values of living and contributing to a more equitable society and world.

You will learn deep revitalizing Racial Healing practices that can be carried with you and implemented in multiple areas of your life, including developing healthy and authentic inter-racial relationships.

You will develop a practice of authentic and effective allyship that goes beyond “performative allyship” but allows you to be there for the long haul

You will gain many Trauma-informed practices that heal and transform burn-out so that you can be more effective in doing sustainable anti-racism work internally and in your community.

Our Holistic framework + process was designed for people at various stages of their Racial Equity + Racial Healing paths. 

Truth + Reconciliation Meets Authentic Unity

You may have either genuine excitement about this word or are sick and tired of hearing people talk about this word without addressing some major things.
We feel you.

We’ve labored long, hard, and deep with these questions and MORE and we’re ready to support you on this courageous expedition. As some of you may already know, this work is long, uncomfortable, expansive, spiritually transformative, beautiful, painful, and deeply fulfilling, just to name a few.

We created Radical Deep Love framework + process to get to the depth, maintain the realness, bring the honesty, AND hold it all within the cradle of spirit, love, compassion, authenticity, and the possibility for sustainable transformation.

our roots

The roots of our practice come from long-term practice and study and are a bridge between traditional wisdom traditions, modern science, research, and contemporary experience.

This includes our training in Western Science, Yogic Sciences, Traditional Medicine, and Earth-based wisdom traditions that more and more people all over the world, have been re-connecting with in recent years. Individuals, organizations, and the business sector, have and still are experiencing the undeniable positively transformative impacts of these practices on their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Many of these frameworks are time tested (thousands of years) and are still here for a reason. They hold within them the power to heal, transform, connect/re-connect, and shake up our capacity for real progress far beyond what we thought possible.

Radical Deep Love: who is it for?

Embodying Racial Equity + Racial Healing from the Inside-Out

Whether you’re someone who is motivated to embody more racial equity, someone who is seeking more self-healing connected to race, or are in need of both, you may have asked yourself these questions or similar ones:

FOR RACIAL EQUITY: Is this you? 👇🏼

I’m a White/White-European/White-presenting person who is wondering; How do I develop a practice of transforming the negative impacts of race, wounds of racism, and White Entitlement/ Superiority internally while also helping to transform the harmful impacts of racism externally in my relationships, work, family, school, and even with people I don’t know?

How do I do this with self-compassion, de-centering whiteness, releasing more and more unearned privilege, transforming racial hierarchies, and learning as much as I can about how to support the creation of authentic equitable relationships and structures for those who experience chronic racial exclusion, inequities, and racial trauma?

Here's What you'll Learn in Each of the Modules:

Offering Racial Healing related Mind-Body practices and frameworks in order to go deeper with the work. We do a deeper dive into the heart-space (rather then only an intellectual one) of self. 

We will do a deep dive into the external structures of racism using interactive mind, body, and discussion practices.

Offering Racial Healing related Mind-Body practices and frameworks in order to go deeper with the work. We do a deeper dive into the heart-space (rather then only an intellectual one) of self.

In this two-part video, we combine and expand on conventional definitions of the habits of mind of shame, blame, guilt, and fragility as it relates to Racial Equity and Racial Healing. We introduce and talk about the “shadow of racism”. We hold space through deep contemplative process, invite a more expanded understanding and opportunity to de-layer these strong emotions and responses that develop with deeper Racial Equity and healing work. 

This video contains practices and tools for working rage and anger, as you move through the heart-mind map and in your daily life. We will share more videos with specific deeper contemplations connected to the powerful emotions of rage and anger connected to our embodied experiences of these structures.

We dive into a spectrum of reasons, ways, and impacts of grief connected to race, racism, anti-black racism, internalized racism, and white supremancy/superiority. MeLisa also offers soul retrieval practices for reclaiming parts of ourselves.

This Cultivating Self and Relational Compassion (Part I) video, MeLisa expands on conventional definitions of compassion into a spiritual framework (mostly from Tibetan Buddhist context).

With the understanding that Racial Healing + Racial Equity inner work is an on-going life journey (as long as racism and these structures exist), we introduce a “final” internal psycho-spiritual space to move toward as we heal with and through the Trauma of Racism journey.

let's do this together!

I was first introduced to the work that MeLisa and nisha do in 2012 during positive space initiative trainings I participated in at a yoga studio I worked at. These teachings were invaluable and started my deeper learning into anti-racism. I’m forever grateful.

Fast forward a few years, SOMA Integrative Wellness (their business) have now been clients for years, guides throughout my own healing and learning process and good friends.

The Radical Deep Love self-paced course is designed to be moved through as quickly or slowly as we need, but I thought of creating a weekly discussion around the videos and what comes up throughout these situations. 

Our weekly discussions will be held on Zoom (private) and a Facebook Community will be created for 10 weeks that everyone who signs up within this group will receive access to.

All discussions will remain private, space will be held to questions and it will be a judgement-free zone. That being said, we ask that we leave the fragility at the door because we’re all here to get better and do the work.

*this will also be my first time participating in this self-paced course and while the moderator of the community, I’m not trained to facilitate any additional teachings. You DO NOT have to join the community to purchase the course.


Although I (Emilia) will be hosting the online community, 100% of the purchases go directly to SOMA and a portion of proceeds will be redirected to those in the Black community to make this course more accessible to them.


community opens july 13, 2020

You can start the course immediately upon purchase and go at your own pace. 

Bi-weekly calls and Facebook group community are not required in order to complete the course. Facebook group is only open for 10 weeks, but access to the course is lifetime.

Please sign up to join the Facebook below or email [email protected] a copy of your course receipt to gain entry.

    * Joining this list does not get you into the program, you need to sign up and purchase a spot by clicking enroll below *

    As a Member of the Radical Deep Love Community, you receive

    In-depth researched + designed process created for people of ALL racial backgrounds with strong awareness of different needs of various groups (BIPOC/IBPOC, Mixed Race, White, White-presenting)

    Radical Deep Love Framework + process supports you with working with your personalized experiences, while highlighting the knowledge and wisdom that you already come with (everyone has it, even if you don’t feel connected to it right now, we support you in re-connecting to it!)

    11 Videos with lessons infused with process, practices, and insights from Soma's approach deepening embodiment and integration.

    Downloadable E-Book (108 page Graphic Designed/Full-Color Photo + Healing Contemplations)

    1 Bonus Compassion Practice Video (and access to our other bonus videos + free webinars)

    Life-long learning + self-study process that can be adapted to how you process and grow over time

    We share technologies, practices, and process to unearth, examine, and cultivates Racial Healing, while transforming the patterns in your daily life that need your attention. 

    We focus on supporting your energetic, physical, mental-emotional, and spiritual bodies as you build a personal practice that generates skilled Racial Equity, consciousness building, and awakening.

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    You will receive:

    • Radical Deep Love
    • Embodying Racial Equity + Racial Healing from the Inside-Out
    • Self-Paced Course
    • Eleven Videos
    • Downloadable PDFs
    • One Ebook of 108 Visuals + Healing Contemplations