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Dawna Boot Makeup Rose Pastel Brand by Simply Elaborate


With this pastel brand identity we created for Dawna Boot, we captured the essence of their one-stop-shop makeup and hair service.  An established business, but without ever having a brand or website – this one was fun to dig into and create.

Light Airy Pastel Pink Mood Board Brand by Simply Elaborate

Light Pastel Logo Brand by Simply Elaborate

When we met Dawna Boot of Dawna Boot Makeup and were tasked with creating a beautiful, floral, rose pastel pink brand that reflected her kindness, expertise and professionalism but also showed her elegantly crafted style, the excitement billowed through.

Throughout the branding process, we were able to perfectly capture her beauty – inside and out. We discovered that Dawna isn’t just about painting a pretty face, she’s about discovering what makes every face unique, and enhancing that beauty through her application.

In a sea of equally-as-qualified makeup artists in Toronto, we wanted to ensure that Dawna’s rose pastel brand and website stood out, but was easy to navigate, clearly mapped out the services and each page featured a call to action (hint* super important for all websites).

Color Palette Rose Pastel Brand for Dawna Boot Brand by Simply Elaborate

Mobile Options Rose Pastel Brand for Dawna Boot Brand by Simply Elaborate


I was hesitant [to work on] my website as a whole. I had no idea how to do it and the thought of having to do it myself was so daunting thus the reason it went undone for years.  [I loved] that you work with so many different people and help develop so many different brands and they are all unique to each person. [Emilia] was inspiring and motivating and checked in but never made me feel overwhelmed.

Now, it’s so much easier to communicate with our clients and potential clients now that we have a portal to showcase our work. Instead of answering the same questions over and over I can direct them to the FAQ page, show them who their artist may be and overall show off what we are capable of!!

I can’t say enough good things about Simply Elaborate. For someone who is so computer illiterate you went above and beyond and made me feel comfortable and confident! You were so responsive anytime I had a question. I can’t say there is anything you can do differently. My experience with you was amazing!

Dawna Boot Makeup


Website Design Rose Pastel Brand for Dawna Boot Brand by Simply Elaborate

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