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Rebecca came to us wanting to refresh her bright bold red brand for her new website and we jumped at the task.  Having red as a main colour for a brand is risky, so it needed be toned down and paired with a complementary neutral colour. Beige and a pale pink was the perfect result.

When we met Rebecca Perrin of Brand Editor and were tasked with creating a bright, bold red brand that reflected her fierceness, expertise and professionalism but also showed her modern elegance, we knew we were the right agency for the job.

Throughout the branding process, we fell in love with Rebecca’s no-nonsense attitude and felt compelled to showcase her dedication and authenticity to herself and the people she serves. 

Wanting to showcase her professionalism and expertise as the best among the rest – we chose powerful,  fierce photos and the spunky user interface of Francesca.


I spent one year trying to build my own website but I take growing my brand seriously and I finally realized that I didn’t have the technical skill required. It was also very difficult to find an agency that delivers websites for creative entrepreneurs like me until I was introduced to Emilia from Simply Elaborate by a friend.

I needed bang-on branded design, high-function for selling online programs, a list-building tool, sales pages, easy navigation, and, ultimately, a website that commanded attention and investment from leads. Simply Elaborate delivered all of that and more.

Thank you so much for doing such a beautiful job with Brand Editor. I am so grateful for having a website that I’m proud of and love to share. 

Brand Editor / Rebecca Perrin


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