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With this bold bright brand identity we created for Francesca of Stars Academy Talent, we captured the fun, yet professional, vibe Francesca was going for.  Francesca came to us ready to showcase her talents and her roster of (amazingly successful) clients.

Stars Academy Bold Bright Brand

Stars Academy Bold Bright Brand

When we met Francesca of Stars Academy Talent and were tasked with creating a bold bright brand that reflected her business’ uniqueness, expertise and professionalism but also showed the trends of her roster and people involved, we knew we’d be able to create something brilliantly magical.

Throughout the branding process, we discovered the complexity of the industry (and just how out-of-touch we may be on pop-culture) but was so happy to be a part of the new brand. Francesca isn’t just about getting “kids famous”, she’s about discovering what makes every person/musician or talent unique and finding a place for them to share their voice with the world.

To differentiate Stars Academy Talent from all others, we wanted to ensure that Francesca’s bold bright brand and website stood out, but was easy to navigate, with little flairs added to create emphasis on her rosters list.

Stars Academy Bold Bright Brand ColorsStars Academy Bold Bright Brand


I learned more about myself and my business story that I would have EVER expected. I will admit i t was hard process for me from the start because I have always handled all aspects of my business image. Emilia and her team had me dig deep into sharing my whole business story and that was eyeopening. For the first time I had to take a detailed look at my entire vision of a business I have been building for 20+ years. I would have never thought that mattered so much but with the end result – I totally get it!

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Simply Elaborate to any friend or colleague who needs a website facelift or complete build (and I have done so several times already)! Their patience alone earned my trust and that’s not easy when talking about my business which often feels like another child of mine! The work was done to my exact spec and beyond. Fantastic experience all around.

What surprised me most was how fullfilled this process made me feel. It was not just a better looking site, I found new pride and confidence in my business image. I was also surprised to see how much my longterm clients really loved and appreciated the new look.

Francesca Nicassio


Stars Academy Bold Bright Brand

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