When you’re an entrepreneur and you’re laying down the foundations of your company; emailing, newsletter-ing, transitioning, thinking, changing things, you’re living through days that aren’t filled with client meetings or making new deals and sometimes it can feel like nothing was accomplished.

But these are the days where the most important things are accomplished. You’re creating you.

I’ll say it again. You are creating you.

Your processes are created and new ideas are developed. You’re wondering where you can go with what we’re offering – is it enough? Too much? Perfected? These are the days where you second guess yourself, or you’re so busy finally writing that blog you’ve been meaning to that you don’t even think twice. It’s perfect, it totally is. And it’s perfect because you’re doing it.

That’s Daily Motivation with A Girl Boss Lifeit. You’ve gotten off your ass, and you’re working towards something you believe in (well, let’s hope you believe in it or else there’s a different issue here!).

You can use a picture of a camel to get you through a Wednesday as a relief that the end of the week is near, or laugh at the fact that we don’t get weekend so Wednesdays mean nothing. Motivated or what?!