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There are always going to be mistakes and failures in your life and in your business.

It’s almost as if this is the only certain in life, in addition to death and taxes. No matter how seamless our processes seem to be or how on top of our game we can feel, there’s going to be that day that just hits you. The day where you don’t expect it – and everything that can possibly go wrong – does.

Last week, this happened to me.

Without warning, and without preparation – everything that could go wrong – did. I kept getting hit with setback after setback while trying to troubleshoot a live website. My mind was running with possible solutions, and then exasperatingly communicating them with my team, trying to decide which was the most effective route.

In the end, it all turned out.

By the end of the business day, we were back online, and fully functional, but I was still shaken at what had transpired.

There was a crack in the process, I found out that day.

And in 24 hours that process was not only patched – but also ripped out completely and remade. That day, I learned what was working and what wasn’t in my process but I also learned something else:

Your strength truly comes from how you cope with a failure.

After all was said and done – I couldn’t believe I managed to wrangle together my team, provide three different action plans, facilitate direction, define the best course of action in less than an hour and then carry them out.

There’s reaction, and then there’s action. Only one of the two is going to get you positive results.

For about five minutes I freaked out.  You know, the “OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD” and what the hell am I going to do? feelings started to arise. My heart was beating, my mind was beginning to race and my shoulder started to get itchy and red as it often does when I’m placed in an uncomfortable situation. Time was wasting. Time I didn’t have right then.

And then something crazy happened.

It was like I was watching the situation from the outside and knew I needed to snap myself out of it. I had no choice but to figure the sh*t out. I was being counted on, and the only choice I had left was to fix the mistake, and fix it as quickly as possible.

With every setback, I kept going.

As I said, everything that could go wrong that day – did and it was like the never-ending day of “why won’t this work?”  I knew eventually, the problem would be fixed, the day would be over and it would be okay. I just didn’t know how long it was going to take.

I just had to focus on that goal.

Never had the end goal been so clear. There was no other option, so if something didn’t work – we found another way. And eventually, it worked. Just like that.

Remind yourself to trust the process.

If you’re working towards something and you feel it keeps failing, trust the process and try another way to get to your goal because if you want it badly enough, and give yourself no other option – you’ll find a way.  I’ve created a reminder, here. Download it, print it, frame it, and stare at it. Every day.

What was your biggest triumph over failure? Let me know in the comments.

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