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Pinterest: The world wide web’s personal picture SEO engine. It’s a beast, but so helpful when attracting new visitors to your website – and even better when you know how to claim your website on Pinterest.

Why does claiming your website on Pinterest matter?

You can check your website analytics, for one. Which is super handy and convenient when tracking what items are being successfully saved from your website. Make sure you upgrade to a free business account to be able to do this.

Next, you’ll be able to upload a featured logo and any pins that are uploaded from your website will have your logo attached to them.

Finally, Pinterest is always evolving, and when new tools are released to the public, verified websites and business accounts are the first to see and experience the tools.

It’s a no brainer! But how, exactly, do you claim your website on Pinterest? Follow the steps below, which go through collecting the right code from Pinterest itself, and then inserting the code into your website’s header code.

Finding the Code in Pinterest

Once you’re signed into Pinterest, please travel to your Settings option by selecting the triple-dot of the menu bar.


After you’ve done this, on the left hand side, click on the Claim menu item.  When you’ve done this, you’ll be able to claim your website by selecting the red button. In the diagram below, I’ve already claimed my website, so it shows up. But once you do, you’ll be given a code to insert into your website’s header tags.

They’ll spit out a piece of code that looks like this: (note the numbers will be different)

<meta name=”p:domain_verify” content=”9626b4f4dcad1257sjsjap85e0c0b896f”/> 

Pinterest will ask you to insert it into the header section of your site’s index.html file, but because you’re on WordPress, you won’t exactly have this file available to you.

Inserting the Code on Your Website

You can easily insert the code with this plugin called Insert Headers and Footers. You can download it from the link above, or search for the plugin directly from your Plugin Directory (when you’re logged into your WordPress site).

Note: This image above is how you would be able to search, install and activate the plugin from the plugin directory.

After you’ve downloaded, installed and activated the Insert Headers and Footers plugin, click this link that shows up on your dashboard menu links (under the main Settings tab):

In the Script in Header, paste the code you received from Pinterest.

Press save and voila – you should be good to go.

Head on back to Pinterest and press refresh. Sometimes it’ll take some time for the results to push through, but Pinterest should be able to see the connection pretty soon, and your website should be claimed!

Happy Pinning!

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